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01 dec 2017Dark Frontier @ Praxis Fiber Workshop

Dark Frontier_Title.jpgKrista Tomorowitz presents Dark Frontier at Cleveland's Praxis Fiber Workshop.

I'm honored to have been invited by the amazing and talented Krista Tomorowitz to design and hand-paint a swatch of black silk as her first step in creating an American Old West-inspired garment.  Krista guided me through the process of reverse dying the silk during an afternoon spent together at Cleveland's Praxis Fiber Workshop .

Krista designed and made a collection of garments from silks painted by seven artists and presented them in the beautiful exhibition, Dark Frontier , on view at Praxis from December 1, 2017 - January 26, 2018.

Here are pictures of the painted fabric and Krista's transformation of the fabric into a floor-length prairie dress. 

Andrea Joki_painting silk.jpgAndrea Joki, silk painting, 2017Andrea Joki_Prairie Dress.jpgKrista Tomorowitz, prairie dress, 2017
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