Entries for July 2017

18 jul 2017New studio in Los Angeles

Andrea Joki studio_Bendix Building.jpgNew studio in the Bendix Building, downtown Los Angeles

I took a leap of faith and signed a lease on a new studio in the Bendix Building in downtown Los Angeles. The studio is on the 9th floor and has great views of the city skyline, Santa Monica mountains in one direction and San Gabriel mountains in another. I am excited to get things going. 

18 jul 2017UFF DA - Recent paintings by Andrea Joki and Stacy Wendt

UFF DA announcement.jpgAndrea Joki_UFF DA installation.jpgInstallation view, left to right, untitled #7 (visions), flashe on paper; some things found, feather and painted cardboard tube; radiant gap (diptych), oil and acrylic on linen

I'm happy to be showing new works alongside fellow Minnesota native, Stacy Wendt.  We're both serving as community artists in residence at ESXLA, a unique living arrangement that meshes daily life and art alongside artists coming and going from all corners of the earth.  The creative hive interrupts tunnel vision and shifts habits, and makes space for new ways of seeing and making.  Our recent paintings were made in this spirit.

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