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13 jan 2017Artist Residency @ ESXLA

Andrea Joki_2ESXLA.jpgthe clouds are lifting outside Eastside International Los AngelesAndrea Joki_ESXLA.jpgjust getting started in the studio at ESXLA

I feel like I've never worked so hard for an opportunity as I did for this one. I am very grateful to be back at ESXLA  for a six-month role as community artist in residence (CAIR). This organization is run by the most supportive people, director Jason Ramos and director emeritus Michelle Carla Handel. I'm joining fellow CAIR Stacy Wendt who has been sailing the ship for the last few months. 

During my residency, I will be helping with the organization's daily operations, getting back in touch with the LA arts community, and making new works. 

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