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08 jul 2015Desert Magic

Andrea Joki_Apparent Radiant_72" x 60"_2015_web.jpgMagic Mountain (aka Apparent Radiant), 2015, 72" x 60", oil and acrylic on linen

Art writer Morgan Meis cites my painting above in his article "28 Days in Cleveland" for Arthopper .

He writes, "...one of the first works of art I came across in Cleveland was a painting by Andrea Joki at William Busta’s gallery. Joki’s paintings are abstract, but they are also lively and colorful. The reds and light blues and beiges have more to do with colors you find in the California desert than anywhere in northeast Ohio. It turns out she does, indeed, spend a lot of time in the Mojave Desert. Formally sophisticated, the paintings play out a debate between hard-edge abstraction and Expressionism with a little bit of Agnes Martin-style mysticism thrown into the mix. What would happen if a canvas invited all the major players of the last hundred years of abstraction to get together for one giant party? Would it lead to complete aesthetic train wreck? Nope. It would look instead something more like Joki’s Apparent Radiant (2015)."

28 Days in Cleveland by Morgan Meis
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