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20 may 2015S.P.Y. @ William Busta Gallery

Andrea Joki_Installation view 6_web.jpgSide room installation of S.P.Y., a twenty-year project of once per year gravity paintings at specific sites across North America. Paintings and artist books from Twentynine Palms, CA (2012), Indianola, IA (2013) and Brooklyn, NY (2014). Upcoming: Dardanelle, AK in October 2015.

15 may 2015Paintings @ William Busta Gallery

Andrea Joki_installation view_WBGallery_web1.jpg(l to r) Totem, Radiant, Head Hole, Magic Mountain and Retrograde, all 72" x 60", oil and acrylic on linen, 2015Andrea Joki_installation view 2_WBGallery_web2.jpg(l to r) Totem, Radiant and Head HoleAndrea Joki_installation view 3_WBGallery_web.jpg(l or r) Magic Mountain and RetrogradeAndrea Joki_Installation view 5_web.jpg(l to r) Lite Brite Letdowns 1-3, 18" x 15", acrylic on paper, 2014 and My Own Personal Miracle, 18" x 15", oil and acrylic on linen, 2014
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