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13 feb 2014Twenty Twenty

Andrea Joki_excerpt from "Al's Balloon," 2013.jpgAndrea Joki, still from "Al's Balloon," Indianola, Iowa (20/20 : 2013)Andrea Joki_still 10 from "Time Passing in the Mojave Desert," 2012.jpgAndrea Joki, still from "Time Passing in the Mojave Desert," Twentynine Palms, CA (20/20 : 2012)

In 2012 I began a twenty-year project, Field Work 20/20.  20/20 is a series of site-specific painting performances that inserts a once-per-year repeated performance in different settings and allows each year’s manifestation to attract meanings.  20/20 will result in a timeline portfolio of twenty paintings from sites across North America with additional collateral materials (photographs, video and artist books).

The annual performance is staged in an outdoor setting in a portable studio that obstructs my view of the vista.  I sit and make a painting, engaging in a process of releasing dilute acrylic from a brush at closely-spaced intervals along the top edge of a sheet of paper and letting gravity pull the beads of paint downwards.  The duration of each performance is about four hours, the time it takes to fill a large sheet of paper with narrowly-spaced vertical lines. My first performance was in 2012 in the Mojave Desert near Twentynine Palms, California.  In October 2013, I completed my second performance in a collaboration of sorts with a hot air balloonist, Al Appenzeller, in Indianola, Iowa.

I hope to complete the documentation of the 2013 performance during my artist residency at Raid Projects.

13 feb 2014Artist Residency - Raid Projects LA

I have an artist residency at Raid Projects in Los Angeles for the next three months. While I'm here, I will be producing new works and joining in on a lot of the LA art fun. A big thanks to Jason Ramos, Michelle Carla Handel and Molly Shea for welcoming me into the mix!

RAID_10feb2014.jpgMy home base for the next three months.

13 feb 2014New Year Show

Paintings_William Busta_jan2014_web.jpg"Divine Divide" and "Noise," both 72"h x 60"w, oil on linen with acrylic underpaint, 2013Andrea Joki_Divine Divide leaves studio.jpg"Divine Divide" leaving the studio.

Projects and paintings have kept me very busy the last few months.  The New Year began with a celebratory exhibition at William Busta Gallery.  Bill Busta selected twenty-five artists to represent each of the gallery's twenty-five years, and I am so happy to have been a part of it.  A toast to Bill!

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