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19 aug 2013New American Paintings

Andrea Joki_Barely_Perceptible_Seismic_Shift.jpgAndrea Joki, Barely Perceptible Seismic Shift, 2013, oil and acrylic on linen, 35" x 43"Andrea Joki_Barely_Perceptible_Seismic_Shift_detail.jpgBarely Perceptible Seismic Shift, detailAndrea Joki_untitled_painting.jpgAndrea Joki, untitled, 2013, oil and acrylic on linen, 35" x 43"

 My paintings have recently been published in New American Paintings, Issue 107 .  I am so pleased that my work was selected by juror Eric Crosby, Assistant Curator at the Walker Art Center, especially since his co-curating of the recent abstract painting exhibition, Painter Painter, rocked my world. 

14 aug 2013On Paper

Andrea_Joki_ New_Drawings.jpgDrawings in the studio...

I'm working on a new series of works on paper that seem to be bubbling up from my residency experience in Santa Fe.  This is the palette I was using in my gravity studies while I was in New Mexico.  Now I find myself using the same colors in these more gestural and explosive pieces.  I'm thinking of them as night visions.

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