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23 nov 2009Dresdner Grafikwerkstatt

I returned to Dresden, Germany in October to work at the Grafikwerkstatt. I experimented with printing the surfaces of old wood planks and recycled cardboard. Dresden graphic artist, Udo Haufe, and I collaborated once again on two separate editions and a couple of unique prints. 

Udo with hands up. Udo with hands up. Dresden on the Elbe.Dresden on the Elbe.

23 nov 2009Group show at turn-berlin Gallery

A few of my works were included in a group show, Cracking the Combinations, at turn-berlin gallery in Berlin, Germany.  Curated by gallery co-owner, Brian Hackney, the show included works by several interesting artists from Germany, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, the Unites States and elsewhere. Here's a link to more information on the gallery, and the lively programming that owners Jan Hughes and Brian Hackney are developing:  


Packing pieces for the show.Packing pieces for the show.The gallery is located within the courtyard of Josetti Hoefe on Jungestrasse.The gallery is located within the courtyard of Josetti Hoefe on Jungestrasse.

23 nov 2009Turnpike

Scenes from a drive.


19 nov 2009Tunneling

I'm posting images that I've been accumulating on that tiny chip in my camera over the last few months. After visiting LACM's exhibition on Joseph Beuys, I thought I'd better get on with cataloging some notes from the field.

Here's a link to information on the Beuys exhibition. http://www.lacma.org/press/releases/beuys.pdf

And, thoughts on tunnels.

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