Artist Statement:  Something's Going On

Travel is research.  I’m addicted to the adrenaline of navigating chance on road trips, all those unplanned events that occur as the weather turns, as the gas tank runs low, as the route becomes unclear all while the body continues its demands of snacks and rest. 

I’m inspired by conversations with strangers during the journeys, usually in small-town bars and hotels, where what seems to be on most peoples mind’s is a shift in weather patterns, the lack of rain, the warming of waters or unrelenting winds.  While passing through the Mojave Desert, I met a retired Marine who described the earthquake of 1992 that caused the desert landscape to roll like waves on the ocean.  In the dark of night at a roadside hotel in Oklahoma City, the parking lot was filled with thousands of screeching birds resting in bare ornamental fruit trees.  The hotel clerk said they’d been there since December and must be confused.

I began my latest series of paintings during a three-month artist residency at Eastside International Art Space (ESXLA) in Los Angeles.  I worked outside and learned to get up early and paint before the sun became unbearably hot and the ocean breeze began to blow dirt in my eyes and in the wet paint. 

I like to think of my paintings as perfect failures. I’m interested in the disruptions of lines and the breakdown of expressionist fields with linear and geometric motifs.  I enjoy the friction in the aesthetic mash-up of styles and find beauty in the containment of the language on woven linen and perfectly crafted stretchers.  I like that the work triggers conversations about science.  Yet, I’m interested in the human mind’s deftness (or folly?) at bending rational thinking with a little bit of magic.